Welcoming and Safe

The Welcoming & Safe group recognises that a thriving Clapham must be managed effectively to ensure the safety of all those who live, work and visit the area. We have 4 key project areas:

Employ Clapham wardens or police – The group ensures there is a form of warden or police presence in the area at weekends to help manage the night time economy. At present the group is looking into the provision of a dedicated police service in Clapham.

Introduce a business radio system – The group will encourage businesses to sign up to a radio system to help businesses keep both the police and other businesses alert.

Support the Clapham night-time hub – The BID is committed to ensuring the continued running of the night-time hub. The group ensures funding for the service and suggests how the hub can be improved further.

Achieve high standards – The Purple Flag status for Clapham is a goal this group will continually work towards. It will also establish a Clapham Best Bar None awards programme.

Chair – Dave Hanson

Date and location of next meeting TBA