Promote Clapham

The Promote Clapham group aims to increase the profile of the area and help the area continue to thrive, providing support such as branding and events. We have four key project areas:

Create a local brand – the group develops the branding of the area to help promote Clapham both internally and externally. This will help to promote the profile of the area.

Provide an online listing of all Clapham businesses – with a fantastic variety of local businesses the group is responsible for creating an online listing of all Clapham businesses for businesses, local employees and customers to read.

Deliver an annual programme of events – The group is committed to ensuring a range of exciting and innovative events happen around Clapham each year. The switch on of the Christmas lights in Old Town with market stalls to attract visitors has already been organised.

Create a local loyalty card scheme – A local loyalty card scheme will be developed by this group to help encourage people to spend in Clapham.

Chair – Charmaine Wasif

Date of next meeting 17 December 2014