Enhance Clapham

The Enhance Clapham group looks to improve Clapham both practically and aesthetically, building on existing spaces such as the Old Town or Clapham Common. There are 4 key project areas:

Hot spot cleaning service – The group will ensure a dedicated cleaning service tackle grime hot-spots, graffiti and high-traffic areas. There are already plans for a pilot service at the start of 2015.

Green Clapham and improve public spaces – The group reviews current greening efforts and the quality of public spaces in Clapham and seeks to enhance them with innovative projects.
Increase access to public toilets – The group will review existing toilet facilities across the BID area and look to encourage use of existing toilet schemes whilst exploring opportunities for new provision.

Achieve the right balance on the High Street – The BID recognises the unique offer in Clapham and will utilise empty spaces for uses that match the character of the area. The group will work with existing landlords and public agencies to help achieve a long term balance.

Chair – Bobby Ijaz

Date and location of next meeting TBA