Connect Clapham

The Connect Clapham group aims to create positive links between businesses and the surrounding communities. We have five key project areas, which include:
Reduce costs through collective purchasing – the purchasing of services as a group can save businesses significant amounts of money. Providing a joint recycling service across the BID area is a key priority.
Work for you – The BID has the opportunity to lobby on behalf of all 352 businesses on issues that affect the area. This group will monitor plans and consultations that affect Clapham, ensuring businesses are represented throughout.
Support business car parking – The group will look at current car parking provision and seek innovative ways to improve car parking facilities in the Clapham area.

Provide business support and networking opportunities – The BID will organise and facilitate networking opportunities between businesses and keep members up to date of local developments.
Develop links with the community – There is an opportunity to create links with the various communities in Clapham, such as nearby colleges or residents. This group will organise communication and events to facilitate these opportunities.

Chair – Fran McMillan

Date and location of next meeting TBA