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Join us in making Clapham a better place to do business.

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We encourage your thoughts and views on local business matters. Our approach involves organising working groups for the business community to develop and discuss new ideas for projects.

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Who we are:
The CBC is a constituted committee membership group consisting of of 14 members. Our CBC management committee meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every other month.

If you wish to join the CBC or attend meetings, please email us at [email protected]

Our members include:  Greenwich Leisure Laurence Oliver, Sainsbury’s main super store Hilary Shiekh, Woodlark Andrew Muspratt, Brickwood Coffee Jayke


Mint Group Dave Hanson, CBC Chair






Eco Group Charmaine Wasif, CBC Vice Chair







Today’s Living Health Store Pinder Soor, Treasurer


Clapham Books Nikki Kastner, Secretary







Charles Sinclair Bobby Ijaz


Terry Georgiou Aquum


the SW4 magazine Ebuni Okolo


McDonald’s Awosanya Olu