‘This is Clapham’ is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Clapham. Its aim is to make Clapham a better place to do business.  We work with and for businesses, securing funding to deliver a range of projects in the local area to improve economic performance and the physical environment. We also act as a collective voice for businesses to speak directly to organisations such as the Council, Transport for London and the Police.

We strongly feel local businesses should be at the heart of creating and delivering a programme of improvements. The role of the BID is to make this happen by working on your behalf to represent your business community needs.

The BID was successfully established following a ballot of 351 business in July 2014. It is a company limited by guarantee with a board of 15 local businesses. It raises funds each year and spends this money in accordance with the objectives outlined in the business plan. To ensure regular engagement with its members the BID runs regular theme group meetings. There are:

  • Enhance – improve cleanliness and deliver improvements to public spaces
  • Promote – promote Clapham as a destination through local events and promotional activity
  • Connect – save businesses money through joint procurement of services and enable businesses and local organisations to work together
  • Welcoming and Safe – reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour



Who is it for?

Anyone with a commercial interest in Clapham can join the BID. If you are interested in joining, please click here.

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